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      Jesus died on the cross
     ☺ around all of the grass and moss
    ☺ but God still was the boss
   ☺ so it all was not a loss
  ☺ Jesus died for us that day
do you show your love in anyway?

      ♥ Every day a different day ♥
     ♥ to show your love another way ♥
    ♥ another day for a chance to say ♥
   ♥ and we can say as we pray ♥
  ♥ the best 3 words,♥
 ♥ I love you ♥

     God created everything ♫
    ♫ witch makes me really wanna sing ♫
   ♫ our world to god is a magic thing ♫
  ♫ to our world god wants to bring ♫
♫ peace on earth since hes our king ♫

☻ Flower power moon and sun ☻
☻ Gods inventions are such fun ☻
☻ From god no one anywhere can run ☻
☻ I hope we all love god a ton! ☻

 ╬ Do not pollute our oceans ╬
╬  with all your chemicals and potions ╬

     ☺ hugs not drugs ☻

•The enviornment  means the world to me •
look out the window what do you see
some just see the plain out doors
but some see complete opposite or more
some see everything s personality
try doing it that way now what do you see

Purple is the sunset setting on the sea
purple is the color i wish i could be
purple is the lyrics i am writing down
purple can never ever EVER be a frown
purple is a butterfly floating in the breeze
i'll tell you what is NOT purple that is (yuk) Green peas
purple is a flower rising from the ground
it is all coiled up bobbing up and down

the rain is falling
the rain is falling from the heavens
the rain is falling from the heavens and beyond
no matter how much i go outside
the rain is falling now and ever on
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