Last year...... these were her poetry group poems


Similes describe,like looks or sound,

It's used with  the words "like" or "as"

Metaphors are like nouns
It's descriptive as colors

Like adjectives

Everyone says as much as they do phrases

Radios,CDs, or instuments,
Every word worth one million cents.

Bands,choruses,rhthm, and beat,
Four great sounds you can't defeat.

Singers sing beautiful songs,
For just one minute or all day long.


Arms and fingers,skinny as sticks.
Feet planted right into the ground.
Different color tans year-round.
Spring skin as green as grass,
Summer even greener.
Fall is all colors of the rainbow.
Winter skins wrapped up cloud white.
Now me being a tree and all,
You're wondering how i wrote this,right!

What my dog does that bugs me

Dogs are man's best friend
I guess that's why I'm a girl.
My dog Isaac whines
Standing right behind my door.
He pushes me and he shoves me.
He begs,it really bugs me.
I think he wants to say he loves me.
I love my dog with all my heart,
Except for the whole "chewing up my poem" part.


Red as flames in the night,
or the first colors in a beautiful rainbow
the color that represents love.
Green's its best friend at Christmas time.
Flowers and plants would be dull
and now we see without red
The world would be different.

And now this years poems......


Our Earth is dying.
Do not just keep waiting for
Others to help first.

Angelina Jolie

Super actress,Angelina Jolie
Absolutely pretty as can be
but her lips were the size of my feet
I wonder how she manages to eat.

Miley Cyrus

The amazing pop star,Miley Cy
Whose voice makes me want to cry
or you might know her as Hannah Montana
Whats next Anna Louisianna?


White is the frosty winter air that bites at my cheeks
Its that ice-cold glass of milk on a very hot July day
is that feeling of Vanilla  smooth and creamy down my throught
Is the glue sticky between my fingers
is the puffy clouds when you know it is not going to rain
is a polar bear going extinct - help save them
is paper made for writing poems and recycling
is the color that brightens me up my favorite

Skeleton poem

I have a pet poodle
Her name is Loodle
She likes to tootle
Upon her flute-flutle
And Her best friend Oodle
Eats toaster strudel
and then Oodle and Loodle
Sit down to doodle
While they share a noodle.
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