Water slowly moving
Chemicals,tires,sludge,and trash
How will you change it?

Justin Timberlake

Singer Justin Timberlake
Couldn't bake
he tried to make a cake
and it blew up into flakes


Bread you're good
Pasta you're better
Broccoli and
Brussels sprouts
don't come home
i hate you so much
so go away


Green is the color of the juiciest
apple in the tallest tree.

Green is the color of the turtle's shell
When it leaves its eggs.

Green is the protective skin on
the watermelon that holds red juicy fruit.

Green is the color of the grass before
the snow covers it.

Green is the color of some mountains
without the snow peak on top.

Green is the color of plants' stems
that have just started to grow.

Green is the last color you see before the
red,yellow.and orange
come in fall.


Here is my shadow
joined by many other shadows.
they're black and deep within the ground,
some big and some small.
But what is the reason for that?
We can only see them in the day,
But not the night.
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