To my dad

Doesn't  yell ever never at me
Always is caring unique and happy
does love me as i do him and that is very very much.

Brown bear
we play but i dont move
i sleep  but i dont close my eyes
i eat but i dont chew
and i walk but i never move
i cry but my eyes dont water
i get clean but i dont draw myself a bath
i  smile but i never stop
and i love with all my stuffed bear heart.

Synonym couplets

Dog fish fish thats all
hope my fishes tank doesnt fall

belt gear and uniform
i just met our sensei Norm

Pants shirt shoes and socks
youll need shoes to go on walks


purple is happiness
purple is lilacs
purple is a cloud out in the twilight
purple can be a butterfly out in the sun
purple can be a flower in the rain
purple can be a reflection on a clear lake
purple is a happy cheerful color
purple is a purple finch
the nh state bird


An endless dark hall
dim light glowing-the exit......
i cannot escape

Sun and Moon

the line between the sun and moon is thin
the night is only starting to begin
the day has only just come to an end
the night day line does not need a mend
because the line is not at its end
the sun and moon they are the best of friends
 thats because they love to see-
the opposite one end.
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